Vancouver Real Estate Tip: Always think of resale

(October 28, 2013)

Vancouver Real Estate Tip: Always be thinking of Resale.  When you live in such a desirable place like Vancouver, real estate will typically appreciate quite well over time.  There is an inflow of people moving here more than the people leaving the city.  Assuming this stays true, you want to always be thinking of resale in the back of your mind.  

When you buy real estate in Vancouver, at some point yo... read more.

Buying home in West Vancouver

(October 28, 2013)

Buying a home in West Vancouver or anywhere else for that matter, just remember: if you are buying a home, you are making two purchases. Yes, two.  You are buying the home, and you are buying the money to buy the home!  The house is one big purchase but the loan itself is also a significant piece of the transaction.

Did you know: For every 1% rise in interest rates, home prices must fall by 10% in or... read more.