West Vancouver Top Schools

(March 28, 2013 )

Did you know West Vancouver has the most top public schools in the Greater Vancouver area?
Spring is here and many people have started to look at buying property to get their kids into better schools or to transfer schools, from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school.  It is very common to get many clients coming from other parts of Greater Vancouver buying now because they can buy a house in the spring, apply to the public schools and their kids can start in the new school in September.

Going to the best schools is important to many parents and I, for one, value good education.  I'm starting to see quite a few folks from Surrey, White Rock, Burnaby and Vancouver come to the North Shore because of the schools.  

So which are the best elementary West Vancouver schools?

Did you know the #1 ranked public elementary school in BC is West Bay Elementary out of 853 schools in BC? Its a very superb school, I should know, my daughter goes there. Its an IB school as well, which has is a great teaching system. 
Mulgrave Private also came up #1. Pauline Johnson is also doing well (#16), Collingwood Private (#24), St Anthony's (#24), Irwin Park (#33), Ridgeview (#39) - was #1 last year together with West Bay. What about the best high schoolsin West Vancouver?
As for high schools, West Vancouver has 4 schools within the first 50+ highest ranking high schools in BC. There are 261 high schools altogether. Collingwood (Private) is 9th. Sentinel (Public) is 23rd. Rockridge (Public) is 25th. West Vancouver High School (Private) is 53rd. 

Looking to move to West Vancouver for the best education your children can get from public or private schools? I know the schools. Give me a call!