Are you an Attractive Buyer?

(April 03, 2013 )

Let's see, how would you rate yourself in terms of Buyer Attractiveness to a Potential Seller?1) Get Preapproved before Your Search - Getting prequalified for a mortgage gives a ballpark for what you can afford to buy and will streamline your search process
2) Check your credit for accuracy and avoiding making any big purchases or taking on any big debt before you purchase a place.
3) Set Your Home Price - dont look at houses beyond your reach.
4) If you do spot a great deal on a house, don’t wait days to make an offer. Chances are, you're not the only one who has spotted this deal!
5) Putting more than than the minimum down for a deposit makes you look more financially stable
6) Limit Your Contingencies on the offer.  One that sellers dont favour is a "Subject to Sale"
7) Be Flexible with Closing Dates