Vancouver Real Estate Tip: Always think of resale

(October 28, 2013 )

Vancouver Real Estate Tip: Always be thinking of Resale.  When you live in such a desirable place like Vancouver, real estate will typically appreciate quite well over time.  There is an inflow of people moving here more than the people leaving the city.  Assuming this stays true, you want to always be thinking of resale in the back of your mind.  

When you buy real estate in Vancouver, at some point you are going to resell it, hence you will want to buy something that has value and that will appreciate over time.  To buy a property with good appreciation potential, it might be best to work with a Realtor (like me, of course!) who has that investment mindset herself and who can help you navigate through the sea of properties to weed out the ones that might do well over time versus not.  Similar to what a stockbroker might do.  What you typically see is the stellar stockbroker makes it seem so easy but the folks who try to copy them dont necessarily succeed.  Only very few have that gift.  And even sometimes star stockbrokers can make mistakes once in a while. 

When you're buying your home, you're probably not thinking of the day that you will have to sell it, but you will be thanking yourself one day if you kept this in mind.  Give me a call and tell me how I can help you on your next project or move.